About us

UniformPartner AS is a leading supplier in the uniform market and supply uniforms for both public and private sectors. You can read more about us here.

UniformPartner AS was founded in 1993 and is today a leading supplier in the uniform market. Our main office is located in Bergen with departments in Oslo, Trondheim, Selje, Denmark, Lithuania and China. In Bergen, Oslo and Selje we have facilities where we can customize our garments by fitting, embroidery and print.

We are specialized in complete deliveries of uniforms, profile clothing and accessories for public and private sectors. We have a long experience with design, product development, production and distribution of uniforms for big consumers both in Norway and Europe.

UniformPartner has high expertise and competence in different types of uniforms and can offer products based on each individual client requirements and needs. Our products are of high quality while at the same time being functional, comfortable and practical.

We have around 70 dedicated employees responsible for customer satisfaction. Human factors are important for our business and we utilize our combined competence and expertise in the work we perform.

Our core competence is also our strength and includes product development, production, products and sales.

UniformPartner’s main competition advantage is our ability to adjust to our customers’ requirements and needs.


To UniformPartner customer service with high quality through all sectors is important and the customer experience should be positive from the first point of contact.

We wish to be as available as possible for our customers either through web-based solutions, by phone or through personal contact.

We have developed a logistical application which is specialized to handle our uniform customers different needs. The application can be individualized and offer different solutions.

The system is set up to be both easy to use and timesaving for the user.

We offer a web-based order system where each customer can have an administrator who gets a full overview of stocks and order status. Through the system every user can be registered with full name, position, location, size and articles.


All our customers have different requirements and we will find a solution!


All our customers have different requirements and we will find a solution!